Location: Konathukunnu, Kerala
Area: 8 Cents, 1899 Sqft.
Client: Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Arya Joseph

The multi-functional residence located in Konathukunnu, Irinjalakuda, was built for a nuclear family that aspired on having a house with a modern appearance that aligned with the Vasthu norms as well, on a limited budget. The design approach was to plan spaces that are functional and bordering on minimalism. The house consists of two units: The basement floor unit for their floor mat business with a small office room, the garage and a warehouse space The ground floor unit which consisted of a living cum dining, a kitchen, 3 bedrooms with attached toilets, multi-usable space in between kitchen and drawing to cater in different occasions, courtyard, open veranda etc The 8 Cents site was located in a multiple level with the approach towards the site taking 2 cents in the road level and the main buildable area in a -2.7m level. The Residential space was limited to 1899 Sq.ft yet it suggested spaciousness because of the courtyards and open verandas flanked by the drawing room.