Location: Edamuttom, Kerala
Area: 19.8 Cents, 3300 Sqft.
Client: Mrs. Muneera

Situated adjacent to the national highway in Edamuttom, this medium budget 4 bedroom residence was designed in a rectangular plot for a family of four. Giving due respect to the traditional beliefs of the client, the design is largely influenced by the principles of privacy, modesty and hospitality. A linear sit out leads to a foyer space with the drawing room to it’s left, slightly secluded from the rest of the house. A small passage leads to the dining space and the adjoining sky-lighted courtyard which integrates all other spaces – the family living, master bedroom, guest bedroom and kitchen seamlessly. The wall of the sky-lighted courtyard has been designed with a floral pattern. Positioning the kitchen and work area in the north-east corner according to the Vasthu norms, which comes to be in the front of the house, has led to the introduction of a feature wall made of fundermax around the front corner window. The first floor accommodates two bedrooms and the family living which overlooks the sky-lit courtyard provided below.