Strategically located in the city centre with breathtaking views of Kochi; this apartment showcases a rich interplay of classic elegance rendered contemporarily using earthy tones. The design intentionally opens up the enclosed rooms with the demolition of few strategic walls thus creating a new interior perspective. Inhabited by a family of four with preference for a luxurious and contemporary interior with classic elegance, the requirements were simple; the power couples wanted a modern but elegant aesthetic that would create a lovely, homely feel where they could unwind and relax. This sophisticated elegance is characterised by harmoniously blending the earthy tones with textures and materials, ranging from the usage of Italian marble, terracotta, flamed granite and golden teak wood. Flat white walls with wooden furnishings readily blend into boredom, so layer in a variety of subtle patterns. Shades of warmth, such as golden teak and warm lighting make the condo sterile, cozy inviting space. This home would be a meeting place, easily accessible for their family and friends rather than a secluded villa. The job pattern of the clients remind us of migratory birds who often migrate from one location to another thus the idea was to transform the condo into a comfortable setting for relaxation and recreation. In addition, it’s more challenging to handle the projects of relatives than working for the strangers, but the process is the same.



Location: Ernakulam,Kochi
Area: 3595 Sq.Ft
Client: Mrs.Sunitha and Mr.Sajeev
Year of Completion: 2022