Mudbricks adheres to the notion of ‘design rooted in the context’. We create unique spatial and functional experiences while recognizing simplicity as the vital essence of a good design. Our designs strive to blur out the boundaries between built spaces and surroundings. Through various architectural element s, materials, and intentional positioning, we seek to knit a transparent fabric between the outdoors and indoor spaces. Recognizing that architecture is way beyond four walls and a roof, the firm aims at providing nourished and quality spaces well bonded w ith nature: spaces that evoke human emotions of tranquility and act as a catalyst for positive changes.


After finishing her post-graduation, Ar. Surya Prasanth utilized potential opportunities to explore different architectural styles and philosophies and gain positive experiences both in life as well as in the design field. Architecture, mostly being a patriarchal profession, puts lady architects through difficult times where they struggle to set an identity of themselves and their work, and balance their personal and professional lives. Yet, Ar. Surya worked hard to restrain her passion. To balance her personal commitments and work life after the birth of her first child, she chose to settle down in a calm and peaceful sub-urban setting near Irinjalakuda where she boldly and independently established her own practice ‘Mudbricks’ in 2010. This atmosphere helped widen and enhance her social connections and understand the design needs and requirements of people at the grass root level. Later, in 2018, a chance attendance of Glenn Murcutt Architecture Masterclass in Australia helped to widen her design understandings further and gave her insights into unexplored perspectives of architecture. Through the years, she has refined her capabilities and gradually set up her own identity, establishing her solid presence in the competitive field and becoming a positive influence and inspiration for women in architecture.

Major Milestones

Established in 2010 our office began as a small single room setting in Manakkalapady, Irinjalakuda and has undergone a remarkable growth over the years with our projects spreading out across the state. Our growth has been slow yet steady with a handful of memorable experiences along the way.

After the 2018 Kerala floods, Mudbricks got to be part of an exciting and honourable mission for the cultural heritage of Kerala under ICOMOS and ICCROM. This international collaboration gave us major insights into disaster management in the context of cultural heritage of Kerala. This important experience is a milestone that we value more than any award or recognition


Professional collaboration in architecture is a healthy and mutually beneficial social practice of work and knowledge sharing.
Our studio has always welcomed and encouraged it, recognising it as a crucial and essential means to push our limits, expand our comfort zones, constantly learn and grow. Moreover, we believe diverse minds working in tandem always create scope for more refined designs.
Built on mutual trust and understanding, our collaborations bring together creative minds to share ideas, thoughts and solve problems resulting in a healthy associating and work-sharing culture of constant learning, pivotal in a profession like architecture where learning never stops.

Especially at a time like this, with the global pandemic limiting our physical reach, collaborating with experts and specialists from various fields and offices has expanded our design scopes and knowledge base not just limited to a professional extent but also socially.

Autograph by Peter Stutchbury


The best thing to do with knowledge is to pass it on.”
Our small studio has always served as a vessel for knowledge sharing. With the growing number of young architects entering the industry every year, it is essential that they are well equipped with the proper knowledge and resources to take on this challenging profession and be successful.
We proudly advocate for ourselves when we say that our office has always fulfilled this ideal, mentoring and guiding young architects. Involving freshers and interns into each step of the complex and diverse fragments of professional practice, we ensure that they aren’t limited to being mere aides in drafting. Providing an environment where they aren’t limited to just the office, they get involved in site visits, client meetings, discussions, site works, documentation, design development, and other creative and literary fields of architecture.
Ensuring they understand not just how an office functions but also how architecture as a profession works as a whole, is ideal while mentoring a generation that would mould our future.