The aim was to design a cost effective accommodation for the non-Keralite factory workers using discarded materials within the confined factory compound.
Based on a lifestyle and activity analysis, sun path and wind direction, the spaces to be provided are decided – A space for sleeping (accommodation block), a space for washing and bathing, Recreational space. 2 blocks of 4 containers with the stair placed centrally interconnect 2 blocks providing connecting passages and views to all directions.
8 workers are housed in a single unit with 4 bunk beds with individual storage space [provided below each unit. Other facilities include a mobile charging unit, Mirror, Collapsible rack/Mini dressing unit, Customised cloth hanger cum lamp made from bamboo and iron.
Even something as elementary as a shipping container can provide necessary comfort and amenities and become a liveable space through application of the right thought process and design.

Project: Acommodation for migrant workers
Location: Manakkalapady, Thrissur, Kerala
Area: 1776 sq.ft.
Status: Completed in 2018