Our surroundings and landscapes heavily influence our quality of life. This landscape project is much close to my heart since it was designed for my parents residing at Kodanad. This residence having a vast frontage, provided us with ample opportunities in landscape architecture. Designed to serve as a tranquil abode where my parents could spend quality time, as well as a space where the whole family meets up every weekend, this space effortlessly entertains everyone, from the little kids to their grandparents. An office space has been provided amidst the greenery, that elegantly blends with the surroundings which clearly keeps work away from home. With spaces where people can sit and relax, a badminton court, lush green spaces and a reflexology pathway leading to a beautiful water pavilion, this design proves to be a perfect package of a blend of serenity and positive energy. Planning and handpicking each plant, each detail and space has ultimately resulted in a beautiful retreat where a family can happily bond over small talks, games and laughter.

Project: Renovation
Status: Completed in 2021