This residence located in Maradu, stands out for its acute and fine detailing. With custom and elite furniture in each space, the residence is set apart by its neat and detailed finish.
The roof transitions from flat to sloping and the laterite cladding at the front add earthiness whereas a large corner window facing out further elevates the elevation. The interiors are kept classy and elegant by a carefully selected material palette. An exposed brick wall brightens up the pooja space. The spacious double heighted drawing room with its large corner window and folded metal staircase keep the space light and airy enriching the space with daylight. The skylit courtyard is placed such that it is visible from the dining and drawing rooms. The spacious dining area has a pantry space attached to the island kitchen oriented at the front of the house.
‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’
Simplicity brings out a unique beauty in any design. Simple homes are low maintenance and often green , mostly designed for clients who wish to embody a different set of values in their housing choices, than the usual high end ‘castle-like’ homes, that often litters the landscape. Bearing no excess expenditures and a design that perfectly fit the needs of the client; this project realizes its full potential through simplicity and elegance. With just the right amount of luxury and spaces tailored to the client’s lifestyle, a structure built of brick and concrete evolves into a home ; an abode much close to the inhabitant’s heart. In this complex and overstimulated age, such simplicity and elegance is something worth encouraging.


Project: Residence 
Location: Maradu, Ernakulam, Kerala
Area: 2100 Sqft
Client: Mr. Annadurai
Status: Ongoing