This residence has been designed for a Bombay-return family. Having lived in Bombay for years, the client had a number of requirements that were to be confined to optimum spaces, and yet have a massive look in the form. To bring about such a form, the architect decided to extrude the vertical lines rather than expanding it on a horizontal plane. The transition of the bold lines sketched by the architect into the structural frame of the house is clearly evident.
The drawing room is positioned slightly elevated from the rest of the house with a balcony designed in a trapezoidal shape that is inverse to the shape of the site. The descending steps cascade to a large courtyard overlooked by the drawing room and dining space. To the left of the dining space is an open kitchen with a breakfast counter beyond which is the work area and a bedroom is accessed from the dining space which is accentuated by balcony. The first floor is a cluster of bedrooms connected by a common study

Project: Residence 
Area: 1800 sq. ft.
Client: Mr. Madhusudhanan
Status: Ongoing