Set in the semi-urban context of the famed Kodungallur town, this residence was designed for a client based in Dubai whose primary wish was for a simple and beautiful home at his home town. The fundamental intent behind the design was to create a space that would function to amalgamate the built structure with nature. The interior spaces impart a primordial sensory experience to the user: from the calming sounds of water, fresh fragrance of the plants, filtered rays of the sun, patterned shadows falling upon the plain walls, and elegance of the earthy colour palette inspired by nature. The entire home is flooded with ample light and shadow patterns filtering through the various patterned jaalis, throughout the day such that the time of day can be inferred from it. This takes away the need for artificial lighting during the day, while at night the ambient interior lighting spills out into the landscape creating a vibrant and enchanted feel.

Project: Interiors
Location: Kodungallur, Thrissur, Kerala
Area: 4800 sq. ft.
Client: Mrs. Shani and Mr. Subramanian
Status: Completed in 2021