Culture is not inborn; it is cultivated from family to a society and a society to a nation. Keeping that fire alive and never giving up the essence is the best way of staying persistent.
Presence and participation of our firm in Kerala Heritage Rescue Initiative during the 2018-19 floods was a monumental experience to share. Various measures were taken to conserve the tangible and intangible components all around Kerala during the devastating floods. This calamity also took a huge toll on the cultural and natural heritage of Kerala including historic buildings, archaeological sites, vernacular housing, cultural landscapes, museum collectives, cultural and religious artefacts and intangible crafts and practices. Thus, conserving this was one such significant measure that preceded as the stepping stone towards preservation. The conjoined efforts by ICOMOS and ICCROM were the key element in the conservation of the manuscripts present in the Paliam palace museum in the Muziris heritage zone. The cultural and natural heritage of the area defines the basic fibers of understanding the essence of a community which has evolved over time.
Priorities will and are bound to change with respect to the needs of the day. However, it is important for us to realise the importance of heritage.