Nurturing the ideology of upholding the essence of traditionalism in mind and deeds, we added up open space planning concept and traditional elements blending together with numerous interactive spaces. Here each element goes hand in hand with the elegance of the space thus refreshing the traditional emotions without compromising modern desires. Flow of spaces from poomukam to nadumutam evokes the feeling of interaction without disturbing the privacy of the occupants. Taking panorama of the house, it is richly distributed with a couple of balconies, deck and poomukam at rear, front and either sides of the house giving ample light and ventilation to the arena which intensifies its soothing effect. The hierarchy of the house connected with laterite cladding and stone inlay enhances the traditional touch of the building.

This residence located in Kanjoor, Aluva has been designed for a non-resident Keralite family, adjacent to their ancestral home. Being raised in a traditional Kerala family, they aspired for a typical Kerala style home and so the design evolved from the traditional design elements such as the Poomukham and the nadumuttom. All these spaces were taken into consideration with a modern notion.
Numerous interacting spaces have been provided. Each space has been given the requisite privacy and yet it is connected with the intermediate spaces making the house more inter-active. Each space unknowingly induces the client’s own ideology shaping their life and making relationships stronger.

Location: Alwaye, Ernakulam, Kerala
Area: 4700 sq.ft.
Client: Mrs. Sunitha
Status: Completed in 2019

The poomukham leads to a large formal living space. A passage flanked by sky-lighted water courts connects the formal living space to the rest of the house. Two bedrooms on either side are accessible right after this passage. The nadumuttom leads up to the dining space and the family living space. The master bedroom has been located in the south-west corner as per the Vasthu norms and conditions. The fourth bedroom has been provided right opposite to the master bedroom with a balcony in between. The first floor houses a home theatre which overlooks the dining room below.
The design was focused on maintaining the front and back doors along the central axis that ensures ample flow of light and air throughout the building. In addition to this, the positions of windows have been given to maximise cross-ventilation. Either sides of the built environment are purposefully comprised of decks which open out to private garden spaces which help in maintaining a micro-climate.
The exterior of the house resembles a typical Kerala style house, while the interior spaces were made simple and elegant.