Located in a semi urban context, this residence was designed for a client based in Palakkad on a site that was within the compound of their existing house. Designed to serve a family of 5, the major aim was to create an abode that blended with the context as well as the existing traditional residence. The design features 4 bedrooms with a dedicated elderly friendly bedroom and attached toilet. The major challenge of the residence was to successfully integrate in the design, the requirements of the client and resiliency considering the local climatic conditions. A cool and pleasant transition welcomes a visitor from a hot outside environment. The elevation finished in laterite cladding adds a stroke of earthiness to the design.

Some specific areas and requirements were
• Porch designed to accommodate 2 cars
• A central court with a water wall
• Double height drawing room
• Elderly friendly toilet
• Pergolas

Location: Palakkad, Kerala
Area: 4231.3 Sq. ft.
Site Area: 26.66 Cents
Client: Mrs. Padma and Adv. Manikandan
Month And Year of Complection: Completed in 2021