The Maharaja’s Guest house at Thrissur Railway Station was built in 1902 and had functioned as a resting place for the Cochin Maharaja, who used to visit the station to inspect the work progress of the railway track laying.
The Guest house was built during the British colonial Period. The building seems to be an open waiting shed with arches all over the sides which has later been shuttered with doors. The building has a character of British Colonial Style with few influences of Dutch architectural elements. Presently consists of a porch or an entrance lobby in the front with a flat roof with ornate decorative parapets with arch openings. The Central hall is flanked by two rooms and it also has an arch opening on all the sides and a double height roof with stain glass fixed windows on top with the Rajas Emblem.


The building is dilapidated with a damaged roof to protect the walls from the effects of climate. The doors and most of the windows are missing. The Laterite walls in some portions have decayed, but not to the extent of renewal. The plasterwork is missing in some parts and will have to be redone almost completely.